The Hydrogen Bus Alliance is an international group of transit agencies and institutions actively engaged in adopting hydrogen buses for zero-emission public transport.

At present, the Alliance represents a cumulative fleet of over 16,000 buses (mostly diesel buses) and an average yearly purchase of over 1,400 city buses each year. As a growing number of regions are interested in joining the Alliance, the size of the combined fleet is expected to grow.

The Alliance has put into service more than 50 fuel cell hybrid buses by is helping other cities in adopting a further buses.

As such, the HBA is the world’s most active hydrogen bus adopter.

If your region or organization is interested in the operation of hydrogen buses, please contact us.

The Alliance aims

The HBA regions all intend to procure hydrogen buses on a continuous basis as hydrogen buses move towards commercial viability in the 2010-2020 timescale. HBA’s primary objectives over the next years are:

  • To promote the use of hydrogen buses in other regions and cities, by expanding Alliance membership and sharing our extensive experience in matter of hydrogen and hydrogen buses;
  • To promote joint activities, acting as a coordinated group of bus adopters and using projects and intelligent procurement to drive costs down
  • Ensuring a fruitful, long-term dialogue between operators and industry
  • Making the case for support programs to back the technology as it moves towards commercialization

Key recent activities

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