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A number of international cities and regions with large bus fleets have formed an alliance on hydrogen buses. These cities and regions represent leading adopters of new bus technologies on their respective continents and plan to act as leaders in the move to cleaner fuels for urban public transit. At present, the alliance represents a cumulative fleet of over 12,000 buses and an average yearly purchase of over 1,200 city buses each year. A number of other cities and regions are keen to join the Alliance and we expect the size of the combined fleet to grow accordingly.
Download the Aims and Objectives of the Alliance
The Alliance includes the public transit agencies from:
" Amsterdam (GVB)
" Barcelona (TNB)
" Berlin (BVG)
" British Columbia (BC Transit)
" Cologne (Regionalverkehr Köln)
" Hamburg (Hamburger Hochbahn)
" London (Transport for London)
" South Tyrol
" Western Australia - (Public Transport Authority of Western Australia)
All of these cities and regions are characterised by high level political support for hydrogen bus deployment programs and active programs to demonstrate new hydrogen buses by 2010. The cities and regions all intend to move towards procuring hydrogen buses on a continuous basis as hydrogen buses move towards commercial viability in the 2010-2015 timescale.