Amsterdam (GVB)

Since 2001 GVB and Shell Hydrogen have worked together on the Fuel Cell Bus project in Amsterdam, as part of the nine-cities CUTE project and the extension of the trial, known as Hy:FLEET CUTE.

Starting from 2003 three hydrogen buses took their turns on the regular public transport lines 35 and 38 in the centre and northern part of Amsterdam. General public reacted to the hydrogen trial with increasing enthusiasm and by the end of the second year over 90% of the passengers and over 80% of the neighbouring community expressed their wish to see more fuel cell public transport in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam fuelling station is still operational and ist used by the two hydrogen buses currently in operation in Amsterdam.

This 18m articulated bus will incorporate a fuel cell from Ballard, in a hybrid configuration designed by Voslloh Kiepe. The bus will be emonstrated from May 2010. The Phileas buses are developed as a part of a joint venture between the Dutch Giovernment and the region of North Rhine Westphalia in Germany.

The Dutch city operates two of four hydrogen hybrid buses (together with the regional transit agency RVK in Cologne, also two buses) since 2009.


PHILEAS Bus in operation in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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