Berlin (BVG)

BVG is currently testing 14 hydrogen-powered buses in regular service. The buses are operating in Spandau and Charlottenburg, on routes X49, 130 and 131.

The 14 buses are developed by MAN and operate on a hydrogen fuelled Internal Combustion Engine (H2ICE). The buses are refueled at a hydrogen fuelling facility integrated into a BVG depot.

Renowned German and international vehicle manufacturers, oil and energy corporations and technology development firms are working together with BVG on the project "Clean Energy Partnership" (CEP) to test car, bus and fuel station operations in Berlin.

Berlin's first hydrogen filling station was opened at the BVG's Usedomer Straße Bus Depot on 23 October 2002 and offers both liquid and gaseous hydrogen. Increased demand and better coverage of the Berlin city area was guaranteed by 2010 through three additional hydrogen filling stations.

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