Hamburg (Hamburger Hochbahn)

Hamburger Hochbahn participated in the pan-European CUTE and HYFLEET:CUTE projects trialing Evobus Citaro buses.

The Hamburg focus involves testing the buses in a major city with large passenger numbers and short distances between stops, and producing hydrogen by means of renewable energy.

"HH2 – Hamburg gets where it's going with hydrogen!" is the project slogan in Hamburg. The abbreviation HH2 stands for H2, the chemical formula for hydrogen, and HH, the vehicle registration letters for Hamburg. At HOCHBAHN's Hummelsbüttel bus depot, VATTENFALL and BP have created a production plant for hydrogen and supply the hydrogen needed to operate the vehicles. It is produced by electrolysis using certified green power.

In the CUTE project Hamburger Hochbahn originally operated a total of three Citaro fuel cell buses. Under HYFLEET:CUTE, this number has been increased to a total of 6 fuel cell buses on the streets of Hamburg.

These vehicles will operate until summer 2010. After that, Hamburg will use a larger fleet of hydrogen buses based on a new and optimised hydrogen bus platform. As hybrid vehicles, these will couple clean hydrogen technology with modern energy storage systems and thereby reduce energy consumption still further. The relevant negotiations with the industry are currently in progress.

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