London (Transport for London - TfL)

In 2006 London announced that ten new hydrogen-powered buses will join London's bus fleet by 2010. These will be in operation over a complete London bus route, testing the day to day viability of hydrogen buses. London has also committed to refueling infrastructure to support these vehicles in service. This large refueling facility will be incorporated into a new bus depot.

The current contract signed with ISE and partners is for 9.65m. This covers not only the initial cost of the vehicles themselves but also the specialist maintenance and replacement parts over a five year period after delivery.

TfL have also signed a contract with Air Products for the design and manufacture of the 300 kg/day refueling facility and a five year supply of compressed hydrogen for the buses.

TfL previously took part in CUTE (Cleaner Urban Transport for Europe) - a European Union project designed to test hydrogen technology in different cities in Europe. A number of participants (including London) also took part in the one year extension of the trial, known as Hy:FLEET CUTE. The trial saw three hydrogen-powered fuel cell buses running on the RV1 route in London for three years. The aim of the project was to demonstrate the feasibility of an innovative, high energy efficient, clean urban public transport system; and educate people about hydrogen fuel.

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